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x2 Step 149 - My practice is my gift to the world. Journal – Step 148

Today: Step - 149 My practice is my gift to the world. (MP3)

My practice is my gift to the world. Step – 149

YOU GIVE TO THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR OWN DEVELOPMENT at this time, for you are preparing to give a greater gift than you have ever given before. Thus, each day that you undertake the practice according to each step that is given, you give a gift to the world. Why is this? It is because you acknowledge your value and your worth. You acknowledge your Ancient Home and your Ancient Destiny. You acknowledge those who sent you and those who will receive you when you leave this world. All this is given to the world each time you practice sincerely, upon each day, upon each hour. This is a greater gift to the world than you can yet understand, but in time you will see the total need that it fulfills.

THEREFORE, YOUR PRACTICE IS A GIFT TO THE WORLD, for it gives that which you are affirming within yourself. What you affirm within yourself you affirm for all individuals, in all circumstances, in all worlds and in all dimensions. Thus, you affirm the reality of Knowledge. Thus, you affirm your Ancient Home while you are here.

UPON THE HOUR, GIVE TO THE WORLD through your practice of giving. Remind yourself of this. In your two longer practice periods, give yourself completely into stillness and silence. Give of your heart and give of your mind. Give all that you realize you can give, for this is a gift to the world. Though you cannot as yet see the result, have confidence that this giving will extend beyond your own mind and will touch all minds in the universe, for all minds are truly joined in reality.

PRACTICE 149: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Picture:  Bright orange poppies again, a picture symbolic of our practice as our “gift to the world”, but the poppies are not as full and vibrant as yesterday’s picture for our “gift to God,” nor as big. The difference to me, as the basis of choice of pictures, is that God would see our gifts fully, whereas the world is unlikely to see our gifts fully, or very much at all, and also because they are not yet fully developed.

“My practice is my gift to God.” Step - 148 of 365

From the journal Step - 148 My practice is my gift to God.

Sunday, January 14, 2001

8:10 a.m.Rings of sophistication – moving out from central cities, central places – the neighbor/peer problem.

Boundaries, 99% of the time, are meant to focus us inward to delimit the world, manager responsibilities.

I could write my testimony to the California committee on regions.

It's not a question of if there are regions? They are already many regional schemes – public-private.

The challenge is to create alignment that creates stronger/more effective use of territory, assets.

The Walt Whitman of regions – Song of My Region.

I ran the PDC as a networker, matchmaker, integrator, advocator, data-baser –

In metro areas, coordination is the issue – with the need for increasing sophistication required. In rural areas with multi-hubs – small towns/cities – a network is used to increase the size of the market –

An uncoordinated future is bumpy.

Future impacts were not thought about when this development of sub-urbanization.

If you (are big and) want to be fast, you must be accurate. Speed is increased with accuracy. Designing and building for-speed than is reverse engineering/organizing for accuracy – that's what I built @ PDC. Speed is not the purpose/goal of Lillie's system. Too bad.

Wherever you find boundaries, you will need intelligence to enable peaceful crossing – are they boundaries or barriers – are they walls, liners or is osmosis designed in. Where the gateways, the customs houses –

Where is the veil/the veils/the lines of demarcation.

– because there's growth and change, boundaries are temporary – they can become obsolete, or out of fashion – but many never go away.

I have important work here – much of the thinking has been revealed, but it isn't organized, the graphics are in my mind, and the data hasn't been compiled. Christoffel's Theory of Regional Community – like that of Einstein – is not yet proven.

There is nothing eternal about earth. Things here can be perpetual – if sustained/sustainable.

On earth, you might only get perpetuity, not eternity.

Rural prosperity through regional community networking. The goal is to infuse technological support in the mundane so that higher levels of performance are possible.

> Design that simplifies can increase the potential for speed. Ornateness slows – speed is not always the goal. God is still – creation whirls around the still center.

"In order to draw, you must be able to see."  [re: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - by Betty Edwards – 1979]

> There is no boundary-less world – Those seeking commercial advantage and having illusions of power would wish to go anywhere, anytime – the world is one/the universe is one, yet its structure is cellular – for organic life/manifestation and atomic/molecular for the inorganic.

My life as a mini-heretic. I've been through the Inquisition (did not recant on Marie's performance) the crucifixion (transfer to Senior Planner); now I'm working on the resurrection. In the Bardo transition time – it felt like I was present is a ghost – I was dead and didn't know it.

World of pain – we Know as souls the risks we take in entering the manifest world? That's the gist of the spiritual communication. Here in body, self awakening is various ways of throwing ourselves against walls – using pleasure to create pain & punish ourselves, harm others – Others who precede us – the biological parents – siblings, relatives – in their anger, pain, incompetence – can abuse us – even for religious purpose – Yet – with all that risk and potential for pain – souls come. We are bungee jumpers – with no rope – and risk trauma/experience trauma – gauntlets we must go through, we choose to go through.

I want beauty & pain – then go to earth. Manifestation is not eternal, yet it's not w/o use, purpose, consequence. We need to be conscious in order to shape the future.

– I think in testimony style, I'm addressing legislators – trying to communicate to a person – I simply have to do what I have to do.

Everyone/every organization maps a mono-polar world from where they sit. People who sit in more than one place can have more than one mono-polar world – and those worlds can be incompatible – because they don't see they created a mono-polar world – The regional/global business man or woman who on city council is internally focused by the boundaries.

– You can't act w/o information & coordination. Bureaus are the repositories of information for coordination.

– the delimited region is the cauldron for community – niche/affinity/interest-based community.

8:41 p.m. Ready for practice #2. I did #1 @ TLC. I met Bill L… there and we went to lunch. He’s supportive and understanding of my work. A good friend. I intended to hike, but didn't make it. Had a huge craving for food at 5 p.m. in spite of breakfast at Shoney's.

Mom called… She worries so… I'm being unburdened. Bill said I was in better shape than when we first got together a few months ago.

Regional Community becomes Local.

My Local Region –

Regional Beings: A Consequence of Suburbia –

Meaning, purpose, direction – materializes –

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